Convibra Conference - Use of a Carrageenan-Based Biostimulant to Elicit Wheat Plants
Use of a Carrageenan-Based Biostimulant to Elicit Wheat Plants


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Rafael Dal Bosco Ducatti , João Americo Wordell Filho , Siumar Pedro Tironi , Sergio Miguel Mazaro

The incidence of biotic and abiotic stresses on plants have always affected crop yield and grain quality by some extent. Wheat represents an important crop for either human and/or livestock nutrition all around the world and, the discovery of new potential products to help the crop to achieve higher yields is essential to guarantee a greater food security for countries. With this in mind, this study focused on the use of a carrageenan-based biostimulant (Algomel PUSH® 1.0 L ha-1) to enhance the primary and secondary metabolism of wheat plants. This experiment was carried out in Chapecó – SC, in 2021, with completely randomized block parcels of 1x5m, four treatments and four replicates. The cultivar used in this study was the Tbio Noble at a rate of 330 viable seeds m-2. Salicylic acid (SA) and catalase activity (CAT) were measured at 0; 24; 48 and 96 hours post first application (HP1A) and at 24 hours post second application (HP2A of the biostimulant. At the end of the crop cycle, the yield, hectoliter weight (HW) and weight of a thousand kernels (WTK) were assessed. Significant differences were found for SA 96 HPA and yield. Carrageenan has not shown to have positively influenced the agronomic parameters nor the amount of SA or the activity of CAT in wheat plants during the harvest season of 2021 under the conditions stablished during the experiment. Small-sized parcels might have influenced the results of this experiment.

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Foto do Usuário Alessandro Bandeira Dalbianco 01-06-2022 20:57:08

Ótimo trabalho!! Tema relevante e atualizado com base em referencial teórico.

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