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Letícia Peret Antunes Hardt , Patrícia Costa Pellizzaro , Carlos Hardt , Marlos Hardt

The accented growth of cities produces many challenges. As a result of this urbanization process, significant interferences occur on the natural resources of protected areas in cities. In view of this presupposition, the general objective of the research is to analyze the physical susceptibility, the biological fragility and the anthropic pressure of the Po Fluvial Park, Piemonte Region, Italy, interpreting three approach scales - regional, surrounding and interior of the conservation unit - and the guidelines of its planning, especially those related to its zoning. From the interpretation of theoretical and conceptual bases, the methodological and technical procedures was developed according to the following phases: thematic mapping from 2000 to 2018, construction of synthesis matrix crossing landscape components, and comparation of previous results with the protection measures related to administration of the study area. The analysis shows that there were no significant changes in the period, a fact justified against to recognized quality of the park plan. Thus, the urban and regional management should consider the protection of abiotic, biotic, and human diversity, including in the set of priorities, aiming at supporting and improving the life quality of the population.

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