The Early Impacts of Big Data on Strategic Portfolio Management: A Case Study.


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João Florêncio Da Costa Júnior , Júlio Francisco Dantas De Rezende , Afrânio Araújo , Eric Lucas Dos Santos Cabral

The present study, originally published at the Journal of Management and Strategy (Costa et al, 2018), is a descriptive analysis on how Big Data impacted an SME’s strategic portfolio management at its early stages, specifically how it impacted the use of strategy tools. It is based on a participatory and practical action research in a small British Company ($2.5 Million annual turnover) specialized in business intelligence, conferences and tradeshows during 2014 to 2017. Throughout the research period, Big Data had a profound and multifaceted impact on the strategy and operations of the company, resulting in the changing of its products, adoption of new and more dynamic CRM systems, rethinking of the strategic tools utilized by the senior management and definition of new long term strategic goals. As a conclusion, it was noted that cultural predisposition to adopt Big Data technologies had a defining influence over the course of the strategic planning and operations; as the strategy for Big Data has to go beyond simply implementing technological changes – it actually has to exist before the adoption of new technologies is even considered – demanding commitment from the senior management team as well as the operational side of the business.

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Foto do Usuário Hélder Uzêda Castro 09-02-2021 12:50:35

The work is very good. Well written article, with good references and relevant numbers. Simple, direct and objective methodology. I liked the summary. Congratulations!

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